Big Life Big Decisions

Wanna Big Life? Big life big decisions. But what if we’re wrong? What if God had different plans?

I used to think there was one partner, one church, one home, and one city for me. I’ve found that God is much bigger than one…He is the One.

It’s been 15 years since March 3, 2004, the accident that changed my life (for the positive). I’m grateful for that day, because though it started one of the hardest journeys I hope to ever have to live, it also was the beginning of a life I love now. A gateway and perfect marker for the old and the new.

The day following the memorialaversary, March 4 this week, I read this passage sent by Mom, as we contemplate a big move and big decision. It speaks to who I am, am becoming and where God is in the midst of Charity’s and my BIG LIFE family decisions.

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